• A Quick Solution to Block Low-Quality Submissions in Gravity Forms

    A Quick Solution to Block Low-Quality Submissions in Gravity Forms

    Are you tired of low-quality form submissions clogging up your inbox or CRM? Looking for a simple solution that doesn’t involve additional plugins or coding? Here’s a straightforward approach to block specific words from being submitted through your website’s forms. Are you interested in receiving a professional janitorial or disinfection quote for your business? I’d like to […]

  • 5 Tips for Gravity Forms & Pardot’s Form Handler

    5 Tips for Gravity Forms & Pardot’s Form Handler

    I have a few years experience with maintaining a high traffic WordPress website that uses Gravity forms to capture leads and hook into Salesforce via Pardot’s form handler feature. Here are my favorite tweaks to capture leads from WordPress and into Pardot. Gravity forms just happens to be my favorite tool to do so. Here’s […]

  • LED Everything – Z3 M Coupe

    LED Everything – Z3 M Coupe

    I went on a strange quest to convert almost every bulb on the Z3 M Coupe from incandescent to LED. I think the results look great. Note, I’ve also bypassed the dimmer rheostat, so I cannot attest to any dimming capability or effectiveness. I am also keeping the headlight low and high beam 9006/9005 for […]

  • M Coupe Project

    M Coupe Project

    Well, after about eleven years of ownership and nearly 100k miles that I’ve put on the car, it’s finally time to spend the time and money doing the differential reinforcement project, plus a whole lot more. I chose to put this project off for a long time. The green shoe has made it through grad […]

  • Backup Cameras & Wireless Apple CarPlay in E90 and E60 BMW’s

    Backup Cameras & Wireless Apple CarPlay in E90 and E60 BMW’s

    I have been using wireless Apple CarPlay in my 2010 BMW 535 Wagon for more than a year now, as well as wireless Android Auto. Before this vehicle I installed just the backup camera in a 2009 328 E91 wagon. The hardest part with both installs is running the backup camera wiring through the tailgate […]

  • Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga

    Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga

    So what’s it like to ride 195 miles solo in two days? I rode 101 miles this past Friday with headwinds the entire way from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL – and then back to Jacksonville, AL to spend the night. Got back up and rode all the way to the new Braves stadium in […]

  • Lost 30 by 30

    Lost 30 by 30

    and gained most of it back five years later 🙁 Several years ago we lived on the westside of Atlanta, near Smyrna, GA. I wasn’t much of a cyclist back then – and to be fair Atlanta isn’t the easiest place to be one. Anyway, our local Publix was close to the Silver Comet trailhead […]

  • It’s Back

    It’s Back

    I have some good news. My 10 year old photography website is back! Even though I stopped making pictures for a paycheck, I never stopped shooting. Head over to andrewdonnanphoto.com if you like pretty pictures. Want pictures? Let’s talk. We all want our website to be faster, mobile responsive, high ranking on google and easier […]