Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), SALESFORCE CERTIFIED Specialist Tips

I have been neck deep in Salesforce’s Pardot (now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot) marketing automation software for the past two years for a b2b company. About six months ago I decided to take the Pardot Specialist exam. I read all of the ‘how-to’ succeed guides that I could get my eyeballs on (here, here, and here) – thinking it would be a super difficult thing to pass. I was actually able to complete the 90 minute exam in 30 minutes!

Here’s my quick-take. Take the free study guides to see how much you know about the platform and schedule your specialist exam when you feel ready. Like me, you’re probably hyping it up more than you should. After-all, the exam isn’t free!

The blessing and curse of Pardot is that it’s so open, which can leave you to running the instance poorly, or allow you the ability to build some rich integrations with customer facing websites like WordPress and Salesforce’s CRM.

I don’t really love earning certifications, but I realize that they have some merit in today’s job-market and add more credibility to a portfolio. I will share more Pardot & WordPress specific content here, so stay tuned.

What else should I add to my trailhead? Maybe Pardot Consultant?

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