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  • Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga

    Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga

    So what’s it like to ride 195 miles solo in two days? I rode 101 miles this past Friday with headwinds the entire way from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL – and then back to Jacksonville, AL to spend the night. Got back up and rode all the way to the new Braves stadium in…

  • Lost 30 by 30

    Lost 30 by 30

    and gained most of it back five years later 🙁 Several years ago we lived on the westside of Atlanta, near Smyrna, GA. I wasn’t much of a cyclist back then – and to be fair Atlanta isn’t the easiest place to be one. Anyway, our local Publix was close to the Silver Comet trailhead…