My skillset is similar to a Swiss Army knife. I love to learn new things and improve the old. Complex e-commerce websites, digital advertising, paid marketing, social and email campaigns, out of warranty BMW’s, all the bicycles, and making boring everyday objects come alive with the internet of things (Ok google, turn on the gate please). Here’s a little bit more about me.

Ten years ago I left a nice salary tech job to become a professional photographer. I got the chance to make some great pictures for many beautiful people, weddings and events. During that time I learned how to do ‘web work’ with WordPress, Squarespace and Mailchimp – and it’s led me to where I am today.

I’ve worked in e-commerce and digital marketing for one the largest cycling stores in the US (RIP Performance Bicycle), and for a boutique bicycle brand for over three years combined. There I learned the complexity of a customer journey, the importance of clean data, and how to market effectively and not just on emotions. If your marketing efforts feel like you’re throwing darts on a board, we’ve all been there. Have clean data, measure success off of that – and stay agile.

I now spent most of my time in contract work for companies both large and small, mainly in paid digital advertising with a big focus on attribution and data visualization. It’s a fun way to spend time behind a keyboard.

If I’m not behind a keyboard, I’m either in the garage with a wrench, riding a bike, or playing with our two kids. More coffee please.

Want to know more? Drop me a note.

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