A Quick Solution to Block Low-Quality Submissions in Gravity Forms

Are you tired of low-quality form submissions clogging up your inbox or CRM? Looking for a simple solution that doesn’t involve additional plugins or coding? Here’s a straightforward approach to block specific words from being submitted through your website’s forms.

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Effortless Gravity Forms Modification

  1. Choose the words you want to prevent from being submitted via your website’s forms. In this example, we’ll block “janitorial” and “cleaning.”
  2. Edit the desired gravity form: click the edit button on the form you want to modify, then scroll down to the submit button.
  3. Click on the submit button and enable “Submit Button Conditional Logic.”
  4. Set the condition to hide the form button if any of the following match: “Comments contains janitorial” or “Comments contains cleaning.”
  5. Save your changes and test the form on your website.

Now, when visitors attempt to submit the form with any of the blacklisted words, the submit button will disappear, preventing them from submitting the form.

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