Bring Back Pardot: A Call for Community Support

The rebranding of Pardot to “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement” has caused some confusion and frustration among subject matter experts. The new name is not only difficult to remember and pronounce (um yes, I’m a MCAE expert???), but it also shares part of its name with a wholly unrelated product, making it even more challenging to find documentation and support resources. Despite the rebrand, most of the features have remained the same. A large portion of Pardot users even still access it with (

The Challenges of the Current Name

  • Unfamiliarity and Confusion: The new name is unfamiliar to many users, leading to confusion and difficulty locating the product within Salesforce.
  • Ambiguity and Redundancy: The term “Account Engagement” is generic and used in various contexts, making it difficult to distinguish Pardot from other products and services.
  • Impact on Search and Documentation: The name change has disrupted search results and outdated documentation, hindering users’ ability to find relevant information.

Restoring Pardot: A Community-Driven Initiative

Given the widespread dissatisfaction with the current name, we propose a community-driven initiative to restore #Pardot as the official name for #MarketingCloudAccountEngagement. By advocating for this change, we can:

  • Improve User Experience: Restoring Pardot would enhance user experience by maintaining a familiar and recognizable name.
  • Streamline Support: A consistent name would facilitate easier access to documentation and support resources, reducing confusion and frustration.
  • Preserve Brand Identity: Pardot holds a strong reputation in the marketing automation industry. Restoring the name would preserve this brand identity and avoid potential confusion with other products.

Join the Movement to Bring Back Pardot

We urge you to join us in advocating for the return of Pardot as the official name for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Your upvote will be instrumental in restoring a familiar and recognizable name that aligns with user expectations and enhances the overall user experience.

Together, we can bring back Pardot!

#BringBackPardot #SlightlySarcastic #WhySoSerious

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