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Well, after about eleven years of ownership and nearly 100k miles that I’ve put on the car, it’s finally time to spend the time and money doing the differential reinforcement project, plus a whole lot more. I chose to put this project off for a long time. The green shoe has made it through grad school, four different city relocations, getting married, first house purchase, first child, second child being born and then some. The driveshaft center support bearing went out on me the other week at a BMW CCA autocross event and felt pretty awful in the handling dept. Can’t blame it, the car has 176k miles on it. It was tempting just sell as is and let someone else fix it up, but the family CFO gave me the green light to save it. Also found a local shop willing to take on the project (Barber Race Works in Greenville, SC). I think being my first BMW, it’s just too much of a story at this point to ever let go of it – barring any emergency.

Goal really is just to be a great driving car again, whether it’s a mountain road or a track day. Cooling system, brakes, and shocks/springs are all decent and have been replaced.

Originally bought from a gentleman in Ohio that was afraid that his kids were going to drop something on it in the garage. His day job was playing with Ford GT / race division, so he really didn’t see much use in holding onto it. It had around 70k miles and picked up for 16k in 2009. No, I don’t have the mudflaps anymore. Sold to someone else around here that thought they were cool.

It’s pretty much always had a Dinan stage 1 chip, m50 manifold and eurosport intake on it. I’m curious to add more power after I recover from the current big project.
At one point I had CCW LM wheels on it, that were gorgeous, but too heavy overall to really enjoy. Sold them. Wish I had this photo still in high-resolution, but lost the original copy years ago before I knew the value of backing up my photos.
A few weeks back I took it to BMW Performance Center for a CCA autocross. Super uncomfortable and slow, but still had fun – and was where I really noticed things needed to be fixed. One of the employees could remember when they had a fleet of M Coupes to play with and take out for fun. The golden days of Greer’s BMW plant.
I don’t know if I could feel this diff mount while driving, but once we dropped the subframe to tackle bushings and more, the writing was on the wall. Thankfully Randy had a kit ready to ship out.

Update! After three months of living at a shop, the project is back in my hands and driving fantastic.

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