End of a BMW Era 2009-2023

Let’s just get right to it. After 14 years of ownership, I sold my 1999 BMW M Coupe. Despite it being one of the best driving cars I’ve ever owned, I simply wasn’t driving it.

I didn’t want to put race seats in and wearing a helmet was terrible at 6’2″. So it wasn’t great for me on the track. It was my first BMW and I put nearly 100k miles on it, driving all over the southeast.

I jokingly called it the “survivor” car, as owning a two seater car with two kids is such a rarity. In no particular order here are some fun lists of accomplishments:

  • Survived three different major city relocations (Augusta to Atlanta, Atlanta to Charleston and Charleston to Greenville)
  • Survived getting married
  • Survived my wife going through grad school
  • Survived us buying our first house
  • Survived once our first child was born (and second)
  • Survived almost 90 miles driven at CMP track, where I found myself sliding on all four tires twice at the one turn they say to look out for the wall.

We’re fine with a two car garage at the moment, as my list of outdoor hobbies seems to grow exponentially as the kids get older, but I do think one day I’ll get back in something small and fun to drive around in. It just may be when we retire and the kids have left the house.

Sure, other cars may be faster, but it’s going to be hard to top the fun you can have behind the wheel of a clownshoe.

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