Backup Cameras & Wireless Apple CarPlay in E90 and E60 BMW’s

I have been using wireless Apple CarPlay in my 2010 BMW 535 Wagon for more than a year now, as well as wireless Android Auto. Before this vehicle I installed just the backup camera in a 2009 328 E91 wagon. The hardest part with both installs is running the backup camera wiring through the tailgate latch and up behind the dashboard. I’m told it’s a much easier process on sedans, coupes and convertibles. This same installation info should also apply to BMW X5, 6 series bmw, f series bmw, etc. This is written for someone inclined to DIY and can handle a few quirks.

Installation Parts List (excluding tools)

Once everything is installed you will have to tweak the resolution a little bit. The password for changing this setting is 1314 on my unit. I would also recommend using a different launcher for the Android screen if you’re buying all of this primarily for wireless Apple CarPlay. FCC Launcher is a great app to use as the default launcher.

If you’re only looking to do wireless Android Auto, grab Headunit Reloaded app. You don’t need the carplay adapter.

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