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I’ve built a lot of websites over the years and generally have a distaste for any theme that includes its own version of page editors or theme builders. Generally themes like that are poorly supported, or have issues down the road, but I must say Flothemes is great. Whether you’re building a site from scratch or improving an existing site – their themes, support and features are top notch. Here’s my take on using their professional themes.

Fiji 2 Theme

When Virgil reached out to me to migrate two websites into one, I knew it would be a big task as he’s been uploading pictures to his blog for over ten years now. Since migrating the website to Flothemes, his SEO score has gone way up as has his inquiries. Take a look at how we laid out his photography site. On the back end, data talks to Mailchimp and everything is well integrated.

Blanco Theme

Wedding photography used to be my main gig for nearly ten years and throughout that stint I put a lot of effort into making my website look and work great. I’m biased, but I still think the theme is top notch. I was using other themes and photo plugins to display my work, but it never really felt cohesive until I found Flothemes. Blanco theme is at least four years old now and while I may not update the site very often, my photography is still displayed beautifully. Take a look.

Crowd Theme

Jennings reached out to me to revamp their site and merge from some other paid theme they were using. We built their site out with crowd’s theme and it is also several years old now. The portfolio page has both featured weddings and a highlights gallery, and is easy to navigate on any device. If you take a look at their blog posts, tons of pictures load incredibly quick. People are impatient these days and want to see it all now. Their site is also hosted through a virtual private server, which is so much faster than the common hosting solutions out there.

In another post I will share some more information on how you can connect WordPress websites and Mailchimp, without using any extra plugins. Be warned, it’s going to get a little nerdy, but provides an easy way for you to reach your photography audiences.


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