Here is my take on Megan & Charlie’s Christmas wedding story. Please enjoy the photos and the mini-interview at the end. What a great way to close out 2012 and say hello to 2013! Thank-you everyone for the opportunity to photograph one of the most important days in your life!

So how did you two first meet?
(Megan) … Charlie and I were set up on a double date by two of our closets friends who happen to be married to each other! Even though we grew up in similar circles, and 20 minutes apart, it took us both moving back to Augusta after college to finally meet. Our first “blind” double date was at Bee’s Knees and ended at Metro in the pouring rain. We had three weeks together before I was in Europe for two weeks and I’m pretty sure we saw each other almost every day. We emailed at least three times a day during my 13 days in Europe – being pen pals really helped us to get to know each other even better and I couldn’t wait to get back to see him. It was just the RIGHT time for both of us… we knew where we were in life, what we wanted, and found the RIGHT person we wanted to be with.

When did you know that he/she was the “one”?
(Megan) …  from the first date, I realized I WANTED him to take care of me. I wanted to let him handle things for me. When I noticed I felt that way, I knew he was the best friend I was looking for and trusted with my whole heart…. (Charlie) During Christmas we were setting up our tree and I remember realizing at that time that I wanted to set up a Christmas tree with her every year for the rest of my life.

Let’s hear about the proposal. How did it go down?
(Megan) … Throughout the week of the proposal Charlie was acting totally normal except for canceling our weekend plans to attend one of his best friends wedding showers. He made excuses like: we go out of town every weekend, I want a low key weekend, and we never have alone time, etc… so I bit and allowed him to make that decision (one less outfit decision for me!).
We packed up and grabbed tons of food (at my urging) to go to the lake for the weekend. Unaware at the time, Charlie put the ring in his pocket while we took the boat out “for a quick ride to test the engine.” Mind you – it was early March and freezing. We barely got to the middle of the water, threw the anchor, and begun relaxing when I could tell he was fidgeting.
Trying to lay back and relax he started saying the nicest things ever and I snapped into the moment and immediately said yes! We sat on the lake – just us for miles and miles – and talked, laughed, cried, and made a memory that will always be in my heart.
(Charlie) … I proposed on my parent’s boat in the middle of the lake. Had some music in the background along with champagne hidden until after the moment that I hoped she would say yes! Also, I had both sets of parents come to the lake for dinner to celebrate and fix dinner and begin the planning process! The lake is special to us…the first time we really hung out was there and it meant a lot to start our engagement there.

What is the one thing you love most about your significant other?
(Megan) … I know it sounds cliché, but Charlie has made me a better person. He has the ability to love me more than anyone ever has and in turn, made me love someone more than I ever thought was possible. He is driven, honest, loyal (to me and everyone else in his life), and loving… and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
(Charlie) … The one thing I love the most about her is the depth to how much she can love someone.

Besides getting married, what’s the one thing that you are both really looking forward to on your wedding day?
(Megan) … Celebrating with our family and all of our friends, breaking it down on the dance floor, and eating wedding cake.
(Charlie) … I am looking forward to standing at the podium and watching the doors fling open to Megan coming down the aisle in her wedding dress. That moment will be very special to me.

Their lovely vendors: flowers by Bonnie McCorkle, Ceremony @ Aldersgate United Methodist, Reception @ The Lodge on Heath, band by the Finesse Band, bridal gown by Amsale from House of the Bride, shoes by Kate Spade, jewelry from Windsor FIne Jewelers and catering by Roux.