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Winter & Spring

The winter months in the South have been a great time to take care of business; make more personal work, try new gear and techniques, submit album[...]

The fog on Sullivan's Island

The fog grew more dense by the minute, but was kind enough to let me make a few frames before everything turned to a sea of grey. It was a peacefu[...]

Dogs of Charleston

To help combat our severe case of puppy fever, I've started to document the dog culture around downtown Charleston. Meeting the dogs is great, but[...]

Jennifer & John

Here are a few more of my favorite images from Jennifer and John's First Presbyterian Church wedding in Augusta, Georgia. Weddings have always bee[...]


Thank you Taylor, Christy, Jen/Pastel Makeup and Hair and Liz/LWD Couture for helping make these pictures a reality.

The Ice is Nice

My wife and I took a quick walk through the park this morning. While this might not be the white stuff we were hoping for in Charleston, the ice is [...]


We made portraits of Virginia on a warm December afternoon. These are a couple of my favorites. She has an inner joy that just shines so bright. T[...]


Claire is so elegant in these pictures and I'm thrilled to share them. Bridal gown from house of the bride. Bridal portraits often seem to go h[...]


Words alone cannot fully express my thankfulness for having a houseful of family and friends. This was our first time hosting Thanksgiving, so I made [...]

Addison & Chris

It was a beautiful wedding day for Addy and Chris. These are just a few of my favorite images. The 4:5 ratio is also growing on me.  


It truly is beautiful here and I can hardly wait to show you what all I've been making in the lowcountry. Write an inquiry and receive a priva[...]