July 4th in Kennesaw

Our July 4th this year was pretty interesting. There was a huge storm and we all ended up hanging out at Starbucks on Barret Parkway, but before the sky dropped out on us, I took a few pictures of my friends Adriene & Ashton. She brought along all the cute props and tasty treats. I hope you enjoy seeing some personal/just for fun pictures.

I’ve held out on buying a newer camera for a long time, favoring my trusty 1ds mark 2, but the low light performance on the 5d mark 2 is pretty incredible and finally won me over. To give you an idea, these photos were taken at 9:15pm and the sky was very cloudy/overcast.

There are plenty of reviews online already, but here are my pro/cons of the 5d mk2 vs. the 1ds mk 2 camera:


  • Better low-light capability (handles noise/grain quite well)
  • Records video (going to be fun for experimenting)
  • Smaller and lighter camera-body (great for candids)


  • Since I am used to 45 point autofocus from the 1ds, the 5d is horrible at focusing (learning curve)
  • Not built as solid as the 1ds (this is expected and not a show-stopper)
  • Only has one CF card slot, vs the 1ds has dual card slots (great for piece of mind, but again, not a show-stopper)
Ideally I would’ve purchased a 1ds mark III, but it was not within my budget. This is mainly for photographers, but stick with your budget. You don’t need the best equipment in the world to make a wonderful photograph. Just know your gear like the back of your hand and you’ll be fine.

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