Ian – featuring his guitar and mason jar. Some film, some digital.


Rwamango Academy | Sheema, Uganda

I am still searching for the words to adequately describe what it was like visiting Uganda last year. Sheema, Uganda is a beautiful place. Coffee, banana and avocado flourish here; as well as the smiles of beautiful people. Rwamango Academy is where I met Bernard, who selflessly cares for these children, and sees that they get proper schooling. It was here that I met the cook, who was given the title Nalongo for being a mother of twins. And it was here where I got to see Kenneth and Franklin sit among their classmates, paying ever so close attention to our group presenting.


Sailing in Sausalito

Imagine leaving Charleston, SC before dawn and landing in San Francisco at 10am PST. Sounds easy enough right (just add caffeine)? Well then imagine being on a sailboat in Sausalito by 2pm PST, camera in tow and braving the bay – camera hanging off the side of the boat. I love to make pictures for amazing people (aka living the dream). Here’s to a blessed 2015!

Rollei | Charleston

Rollei | Square


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I recently picked up a Rolleiflex and thought you’d like to see a few of my first pictures from it. I have added a few more to my personal work gallery, so take a look! You can order a framed print for a loved one, or for yourself.


I am always learning and trying something new.

claire-michael-christmas-wedding-classic-augusta-ga-leica-00072 copy

Claire and Michael | A Christmas Wedding

Christmas weddings are a joy to witness. I couldn’t of asked for a better family to work with and a nicer wedding to photograph. Everything was top notch, from the decor, to the flowers, to the attire, you name it. This was a classic and elegant affair, yet we were free to capture it however we saw fit.

We gave it our best – I just hope we don’t break wordpress with this post. Merry Christmas everyone!


Opus Weddings and Designs – Del Baroni & On the Air Orchestra – First Baptist Church of Augusta, GA – House of the Bride (bridal gown) – Elegant Bridals (bridesmaids gown) -



I am blessed beyond words to call this beautiful woman my wife. Today we celebrate three years of marriage together.

As a photographer, it is a real treat to stand in front of a camera for a change. Thank you Virgil Bunao for making us look so good (on film).


Folly Beach

Sunsets by the beach are cliche, but man are they beautiful. Order prints here.