Tia and Jeff


I wanted to practice the Rolleiflex at a wedding, so I joined up Charis Films out of Raleigh, NC and made these pictures with them in Montgomery, Alabama. We had a blast.

RiverOaks editorial

A Time to Create

I spent a few hours out at RiverOaks this past weekend making pictures with other photographers and testing out some new equipment. It was a pleasure to see Marianne and her talented team serve their guests with creative and tasteful styling. My friend David and I may of only been there for a few hours, but it was time well spent – meeting new creatives and reconnecting with old friends.

I also used this opportunity to test out Sony’s A7ii, which has replaced my bulky DSLR. Sony has finally made a minuscule full-frame camera that just so happens to be crammed full of useful features. In-body image stabilization is absolutely fantastic, as well as autofocus tracking on the face. This allows the photographer to get more accurate and sharp pictures. I could go on and on about the features, but if you’re tired of carrying around a big DSLR, check out what Sony is putting out. This camera will make an excellent companion next to the Leica, for both still and motion pictures.

venue+ florals +styling: @riveroakscharleston
dresses: @astridandmercedes & @shopgossamer
stationary: @amandadayrose
ring box: @the_mrs_box
art: @nicolergatlin
jewelry: @glitzandlove
model: Haley

Guy and Tina's Pickin Parlor

Guy and Tina’s Pickin Parlor

This was a fun one to photograph and visit. If you love bluegrass, you’d really enjoy visiting Guy and Tina’s Pickin Parlor. Every Saturday night, folks get together for good clean pickin fun, food and really strong coffee.



Ian – featuring his guitar and mason jar. Some film, some digital.


Rwamango Academy | Sheema, Uganda

I am still searching for the words to adequately describe what it was like visiting Uganda last year. Sheema, Uganda is a beautiful place. Coffee, banana and avocado flourish here; as well as the smiles of beautiful people. Rwamango Academy is where I met Bernard, who selflessly cares for these children, and sees that they get proper schooling. It was here that I met the cook, who was given the title Nalongo for being a mother of twins. And it was here where I got to see Kenneth and Franklin sit among their classmates, paying ever so close attention to our group presenting.